President Higgins on Social Justice

Published: Mon 1st Feb, 2021 | 14:40

These struggles, throughout our history, have only been given their fullest expression, and their most authentic expressions, through the demand for a republic of equal citizens, a citizenship which is inclusive, open, generous and relentlessly committed to - through deliberation, disputation and participation in democratic politics –  discerning and achieving the common good. ...
The challenges of the future can only be met by a narrative of hope, a recognition that we can and will, change our own destinies and our own societies.


Throughout his career, President Higgins has worked to promote policies and initiatives that recognise the fundamental truth that all citizens matter, and that everyone has a contribution to make to the achievement of 'a real republic'. 

As President, he initiated a Special Initiative, called 'Participation and Transformation', aimed at highlighting the importance of ensuring all citizens can participate in the social and political processes that affect their lives - which involves empowering citizens to make use of the opportunities open to them and, equally important, removing the many barriers to meaningful participation that exist.


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