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Statement on World Braille Day

Date: Mon 4th Jan, 2021 | 10:40

In a statement marking United Nations World Braille Day issued today, President Higgins said:

“World Braille Day is celebrated annually, on the 4th of January, the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the enormously important writing system for people with visual impairments.

His invention lowered the thresholds of access to education for millions of people living with blindness, and it is appropriate that the United Nations invites citizens globally to celebrate this achievement of humanity.

On a day such as today - United Nations World Braille Day - let us remind each other of the 36 million people in the world who live with blindness, and the 216 million people who have moderate to severe visual impairment; fellow global citizens who because of their impairment are likely to experience higher rates of poverty and disadvantage.

While the use of braille brings the beauty of the written language to millions of people, most importantly of all it enables people to attain full and effective literacy – that all important prerequisite for participation and in turn the achievement of the fundamental freedoms of all people.”