President highlights benefits of Science and Technology

Published: Mon 2nd Nov, 2020 | 14:11

Since his inauguration in 2011, President Higgins has spoken repeatedly about the importance of using scientific insights to address the great challenges facing humanity and our fragile planet, and to ensure the benefits of this research are shared equitably among, and within, nations.

Science is an important and influential discipline – one which has a pivotal role to play in the great concerns of humanity in our time, and one which has the potential to make the greatest contribution to improving our world.

The President has said that "it is so important to appreciate the importance of science in our lives, and of scientific insights in addressing the great challenges facing humanity. The many problems we face – such as global poverty, climate change, conflict, disease and hunger – can be, and are being, addressed meaningfully and effectively through the sharing of the benefits of research and scientific insights. The Sustainable Development Goals are proof of this, relying as we do on the best of scientific work."

Throughout his term in office, President Higgins has drawn attention to the gender gap in the science and technology sector, saying society must do more to harness the creativity and innovation of all women and girls, by investing in inclusive STEM education and research, and structuring career paths in science and technology that do not exclude women and girls at any stage of their career. 

The President has also consistently argued that the benefits of research and scientific discoveries must be shared equitably and made available to poorer nations - a point the President reiterated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, where access to vaccines to date has been very unevenly spread among countries.


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