Shared Ireland, Shared Island

Shared Ireland, Shared Island

Shared Ireland, Shared Island

Helping to uphold respectful and peaceful relationships between the people and communities of this island will be among the greatest challenges of the coming years.

The ‘Shared Ireland, Shared Island’ initiative is aimed at sparking an inclusive discussion on how we can all thrive on the island of Ireland, while living in harmony with respect for our complex history.

Since his 2011 inauguration as President of Ireland, President Higgins has spoken of the importance of safeguarding the and deepening our warm relationships with the communities of Britain, Europe and the wider world, and his meetings and visits abroad have all been aimed towards strengthening international and inter-communal relations.

President Higgins has invited thinkers from various backgrounds, communities and cultural groups to Áras an Uachtaráin, working to sustain positive relationships between everyone on this island, and with our neighbours. The ‘Shared Ireland, Shared Island’ initiative reflects the spirit and intent of the Good Friday Agreement and build on its architects’ great work to ensure reconciliation remains central to our future notwithstanding the potential strains of international developments and political uncertainties.



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