President Higgins speaking about Youth and Young People

Published: Sat 4th Jan, 2020 | 16:37

"Change is inevitable, and conscious involvement in directing change is empowering, and very different from drifting with change. Being the arrow, not the target means being active not passive in this time of challenge and change."
President Higgins, July 2012

In his inaugural address in 2011 President Higgins expressed his wish to engage with young people as part of a series of seminars during his Presidency. The result was the President's "Being Young and Irish" initiative (click here for more information about his special initative).

Speaking about the initiative, President Higgins encouraged young people to share in the shaping of a renewed Ireland: “The transformation of Ireland needs the commitment and contribution of our young people. Now more than ever we need your energy, your ideas, your ideals, your creativity, your courage. Your country needs your passion, your innovation and your vision”.

President Higgins believes passionately that young people can be the powerful catalysts for social change, when given the opportunity and support. In this context, the President has also supported Gaisce, a self-development programme for young people between the ages of 15-25, and the Irish Young Philosopher Awards. 

“To make children’s rights a reality, we must commit to doing our utmost to take the necessary steps, and build the necessary infrastructure, to amplify young people’s voices, so that they can partake truly and meaningfully in the debate about our future.”
President Higgins, September 2017


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