President Higgins and the Irish diaspora

Published: Sun 12th Jul, 2020 | 13:54

Migration and the Irish diaspora are a constant theme in the work of President Higgins.

The President has said that our diaspora “is one of Ireland’s greatest resources” and that “through the contribution our people make to the nations they migrate to; through the bonds they forge with the peoples of those countries, our migrants have allowed Ireland to have global connections far beyond our size.”

"We in Ireland remain conscious of the debt of gratitude we owe to those who have left these shores over so many years and whose hard work, generous support and encouragement to those who remained at home have played a significant role in the shaping and crafting of the modern Ireland we know today."

Speaking as a sociologist, but also as someone whose own family has many examples of migration, the President has highlighted the causes and consequences of Irish migration, and has visited a large number of organisations that provide support to vulnerable members of the Irish communities abroad. 

In addition, every year President Higgins presents the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad to people who have given special service to this country or to Irish communities abroad.


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