President opens ‘Big Irish Echo Campfire’ event

Fri 28th Aug, 2020 | 16:00
President opens ‘Big Irish Echo Campfire’ event

President Michael D. Higgins formally opened the ‘Big Irish Echo Campfire’ event.

By bringing together Irish American advocates and activists from across the United States, the ‘Campfire’ gathering aims not only to boost spirits during the Covid-19 pandemic but also spark a conversation about how best to bring communities in Ireland and the USA closer together, in these new circumstances and into the future. Speakers at the event will address challenges in a wide range of sectors, including business, arts, politics, sport, heritage and tourism.

Since being elected President of Ireland, President Higgins has made the Irish diaspora, and the related issue of migration, a key theme of his Presidency.

The President has highlighted the great resource that is the Irish diaspora, and paid tribute to the many contributions made by Irish people to the nations to which they migrated. Similarly, the President has encouraged the Irish at home and abroad to support those who find themselves seeking refuge and safety in Ireland.

In his address, President Higgins will reflect on “the profound link we share with our American Irish family,” and the moral courage, innovation and resolve that will be required to craft a post-pandemic future.


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