President visits Tiglin Centre, Greystones

Tue 29th Jun, 2021 | 11:00
location: (Wicklow) Tiglin Centre, Greystones

(Wicklow) Tiglin Centre, Greystones

Tuesday, 29th June, 2021

President visits Tiglin Centre, Greystones

President Higgins and Sabina visited the residents and staff at Carraig Eden in Greystones.

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Originally two semi-detached homes, the two premises became the ‘Christian Endeavour’ holiday home in 1936. Since 2009 the building has been used as a transitional housing project, providing a home for people exiting rehabilitation. 

Owned by Wicklow County Council, the building is managed by the organisation Tiglin, which provides housing for people who have completed a rehabilitation programme.

Tiglin staff support the residents to assist in their recovery.


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