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'Take Care' by Michael D. Higgins - published 1993 in "Season of Fire.”

Date: Fri 27th Mar, 2020 | 14:41

“Take Care”


In the journey to the light,

the dark moments

should not threaten.



that you hold steady.

Bend, if you will,

with the wind.

The tree is your teacher,

roots at once

more firm

from experience

in the soil

made fragile.


Your gentle dew will come

and a stirring

of power

to go on

towards the space

of sharing.


In the misery of the I,

in rage,

it is easy to cry out

against all others

but to weaken

is to die

in the misery of knowing

the journey abandoned

towards the sharing

of all human hope

and cries

is the loss

of all we know

of the divine


for our shared


Hold firm.

Take care.

Come home




‘Season of Fire’, 1993