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Statement on the death of Dr. Tom McGinley

Date: Sat 30th Jan, 2021 | 13:53

“News of the death of Dr. Tom McGinley will have been heard of with great sadness by so many. It is the passing of an extraordinary human being, a great humanitarian who leaves an exemplary legacy of medicine and care without borders or exclusions.

The contribution to that legacy by those of different affiliations is a tribute to the breadth and generosity of Dr. McGinley’s vision, and the great respect and affection with which his name will be recalled.

As a founder, the Foyle Hospice stands as an example of what can be done together in medicine and in offering care. This achievement, the establishment of the Hospice, was just one part of the contribution of a dedicated doctor committed to his community.

Dr. Tom McGinley’s birth in the United States and his return to Donegal is the story of a wonderful migration and the culture attached to it.  His life and experience is an example of the respect for language, all languages. He exercised that respect with an admirable wisdom, kindness and judgment.

Sabina and I would like to offer our sincere condolences to his children Ciarán, Aisling, Ronán, Sinéad, to his wider family circle, his many friends and all those whose lives he has touched with such grace over the years.

Síochán siorraí d’á anam lámhac uasal.”