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Statement on the death of Betty Ann Norton

Date: Sun 7th Jun, 2020 | 21:43

“The news of the death of Betty Ann Norton will have been received with great sadness by legions of performers in different generations who had her as a teacher at The Betty Ann Norton Theatre School.

Sabina and I send our sincere condolences to her brother Jim and her wider family, to her friends and to her many former pupils who have so often spoken with both appreciation and fondness of her care for the preparation and development of all the skills of theatre and performance.

Her legacy as one of our foremost theatre teachers is a formidable one and will live on through her life’s work of nurturing a love of theatre across so many generations.

The best tribute to her memory is to support artists in their campaign to live, and continue at this difficult time for our theatres, our cultural spaces and all those who work within them. 

There is no doubt this sad passing of a theatre legend will be so much more keenly felt during these uncertain times when the space of culture has been threatened by Covid-19 and the adjustments to it, not only in Ireland but throughout the European Union. 

Betty Ann Norton gave six decades, with great generosity, to the world of theatre, the world of the spirit and performance, a world we must not lose.”