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Statement from President Higgins on the death of Ray McBride

Date: Tue 27th Jul, 2021 | 19:11

The death of Ray McBride, actor, dancer and superb artist, will have been heard with sadness by all those who love Irish theatre and performance.

While being one of Galway’s most beloved citizens, Ray is above all associated with the creative heart of Galway.

Having starred in plays such as ‘Wood of the Whispering’ by M.J. Molloy and Tom Murphy’s ‘Conversation on a Homecoming’, he will of course also be remembered for his roles as Captain Mummer in ‘At The Black Pig’s Dyke’ and as Badger in Joe Comerford’s film ‘Reefer and the Model’.

While he performed with Macnas, the Druid Theatre and in many films, what made Ray unique and exceptional as an artist was perhaps his ability as a gifted Irish dancer.

Ray McBride will also be remembered by those who knew him best for the dignity and courage with which he faced his long illness. For those many who had the gift of his friendship, they will remember the wit and humour with which he bestowed it. 

Sabina and I offer our deepest condolences to his family, his many friends, colleagues and all those who knew and appreciated Ray and his work.

Síocháin shíoraí dá anam.”