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Statement from President Higgins on the death of Jack Charlton

Date: Sat 11th Jul, 2020 | 10:51

As President of Ireland, may I express my sympathies at the passing of Jack Charlton.
The news of the death of Jack Charlton will have been received with great sadness by those of us who took him to our hearts as he brought Ireland to some of our most celebrated moments in Irish sporting history. 
He leaves a legacy of outstanding leadership of a group of players of many diverse talents, which he moulded into the successful team that captured the imagination of the nation. It was not just the success on the field of play, Jack’s endearing popularity also had much to do with the warmth and personality of the person who quickly became such a legendary sporting icon.

From a family that loved soccer, he had many connections with Ireland, which he chose for one of his quietest recreations -fishing.  

Sabina and I send our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and his legions of Irish fans.