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Statement following a meeting between President Michael D. Higgins and a US Congressional Delegation

Date: Wed 17th Apr, 2019 | 17:37

President Michael D. Higgins today met with a US Congressional delegation led by Ms. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

President Higgins in welcoming the delegation to Ireland thanked the US Congress, and the Friends of Ireland caucus, for its support to Ireland and the Irish people.  Richard Neal, as Chair of the Friends of Ireland caucus, spoke of his experience of the Irish issues in US politics.

The President and the Speaker discussed opportunities for deepening the long and enduring friendships between our two peoples and the many cultural, economic and social links that exist between the two nations.

The President and his guests discussed a range of matters of common interest, including Irish-US bilateral relations, the implications of Brexit and the future of European integration, The Good Friday Agreement, the peace process underpinned by it, and the role of women in building and sustaining peace.

They discussed migration, the experiences of migrants and the undocumented, and the possibility of new E3 visa legislation.

The discussions also centered on the importance of close co-operation between Dublin and Washington on such issues as the global challenges related to climate change and sustainable development. President Higgins stressed the importance of linking economic security and sustainable development to greater social cohesion and solidarity within and between countries.