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Statement by President Michael D. Higgins on the death of Peter Brooke

Date: Mon 15th May, 2023 | 22:17

"It is with sadness at his passing that I would like to pay tribute to Peter Brooke, who served in the Government of the United Kingdom, including as Secretary for Northern Ireland, during which time he made an positive and valuable contribution at a significant juncture in the peace process.

It was during his time as Secretary of State for National Heritage that I met Peter Brooke.

I recall with great fondness the discussions which we had on his ancestor Charlotte Brooke, who published 'Reliques of Irish Poetry' towards the end of the 18th century, which featured Irish poetry both in the Irish language and her own translations in English of each poem. I recall his efforts in finding some of Charlotte Brooke's work in which I assisted him.

One couldn't but be struck by the great openness of spirit and charm which Peter Brooke had.

He was someone who brought a generous vision to politics and one of my most abiding memories is his love of books.

Among my papers is a lovely handwritten letter which he sent to me after stepping down as a Member of Parliament, about which he was not only philosophical but humorous.

What he brought to politics was not just a commitment to the value of politics, but of warm and open relationships.

He will be missed."