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Statement by President Higgins on the work of UNRWA

Date: Thu 28th Dec, 2023 | 18:34

"All of us who believe in the United Nations, its agencies and their work, and who respect the resolution overwhelmingly passed by the General Assembly, must back UNRWA and the vital work that it is doing in the most difficult of circumstances.

The statement issued on behalf of Israeli forces in Gaza, stating that the slow trickle of aid so desperately needed is due to UNRWA, is deeply concerning and potentially undermines and detracts from the integrity of UNRWA and its critical and vital work at this time.

Those who support the UN and its agencies should seek independent verification of what is blocking aid in Gaza.

We need the UN and all its agencies now more than ever, including those doing its most difficult tasks. The defence of the United Nations and its agencies is a matter not just for Heads of State, but for all those who believe in universal values of human rights."