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Statement by President Higgins on the earthquake in Afghanistan

Date: Wed 22nd Jun, 2022 | 18:40

“On behalf of the people of Ireland may I express the deep sadness felt on hearing of the devastation caused by the earthquake which this morning hit eastern Afghanistan.

May I extend on behalf of the Irish people sympathies to the Afghan people.  My thoughts are with the families of those who died, with the injured, and with those who have lost their homes. 

This tragedy comes at a very challenging time for Afghanistan, as millions of Afghans face severe hunger, including at least 20,000 people living in catastrophic food insecurity.  

The provision of increased humanitarian assistance is all the more essential now. I welcome that Irish Aid will respond further to support the communities affected by this tragedy.  This will be in addition to funds pre-positioned with UN agencies who are ready to respond and in addition to funding previously allocated directly to partners on the ground for humanitarian relief in Afghanistan.”