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Statement by President Higgins on the death of Fr. Des Wilson

Date: Wed 6th Nov, 2019 | 12:35

It is with great sadness that I have learned of the death of Fr. Des Wilson.

As President of Ireland, may I convey my deepest condolences to his family and friends, and express my thanks for Fr. Des Wilson’s life of dedicated service, inspired by what was a generous vision of a new, more inclusive, peaceful and welcoming Ireland.

During his life’s work, Fr. Wilson gained enormous respect for his activism for rights, his indefatigable work in community, integrated education and in the promotion of civil rights.

Comfortable as he was working in both Irish and English, Fr. Des Wilson was referred to by so many as a true ‘champion of the people’.

In his work for the betterment of communities, Fr. Wilson was unafraid to challenge figures of authority from all sides.

It was his sense of fairness and decency that resulted in him being called upon, together with Fr. Gerry Reynolds and Fr. Alex Reid, to help in bringing about the negotiations that led to the IRA ceasefire.

Síocháin shíoraí dá anam lách.