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Statement by President Higgins on the Centenary Anniversary of the Coming into Force of the Truce

Date: Sat 10th Jul, 2021 | 09:44

“The Truce is a significant event in the Decade of Commemorations. Reflecting on the Truce, which was agreed 100 years ago, it is appropriate to recall how the people in the streets of villages, towns and cities hoped and prayed for peace.

Twice in the previous three years they had expressed their wishes at the ballot box. That expression was rejected.

Hardly a year earlier, proposals for peace from Archbishop Clune had been rejected, as had the united voice of trade union members.

As they gathered, anticipating, hoping for a truce that would lead to an enduring peace, they were carrying the grief of the 1918 flu epidemic; and ahead would be the tragic experience of the Civil War.

The signing of a Truce between the combatants is an event that should be commemorated as a thirst for peace deferred. So many lives and so much suffering could have been spared had the democratic will as expressed by the people been respected.”