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Statement by President Higgins on access to aid to Gaza

Date: Tue 19th Mar, 2024 | 17:35

“With a significant proportion of the population of Gaza facing famine at its most extreme level according to the latest IPC classification, it is important that the circumstances of those suffering are not reduced to any rhetorical battle as to whether or not the aid that has been made available is being blocked or delayed from those whose very life in so many cases depends on it.

It would be beyond immoral if the world sought to satisfy itself by the simple taking of sides in what are assertions and counter-assertions. It is in the interests of the most basic humanity and in the interest of all in the international community that the full facts are established, responded to, and that all of the aid is made urgently available.

In order to achieve this basic fact-finding, it would surely be of immense value for an international group to be allowed access to all of the points at which aid is located and to report their findings to all sides, including all of those anxious to be involved in feeding the people of Gaza, including through the UN, and that appropriate actions follow.

Such action would have the obvious benefit of being in keeping with the findings of the International Court of Justice and its instruction that civilians must be protected.

The establishment of what are the facts as to the availability of the necessities of life itself should be not only welcomed by all, but insisted upon by all of the international community, its actors and agencies. Failure to do so should not be rewarded with the immunity of silence.”