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Statement by President Higgins following the death of Michael Gambon

Date: Thu 28th Sep, 2023 | 15:31

“As President of Ireland, may I express a sorrow which I am sure is shared by all appreciative of his work on stage and in film, on hearing of the news of the death of Sir Michael Gambon.  May I offer my condolences to his wife Anne, his son Fergus and wider family, and to his fellow artists and many friends.

Michael Gambon, born in Dublin, was one of the finest actors of his generation. Having won recognition as an exceptional talent very early in his career, on stage, film, television and radio. More recently, a new generation of children and adults came to know him for his portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in the “Harry Potter” films.

However, his was a talent delivered over six decades. As an actor he seemed boundless, be it through his work with Sir Laurence Oliver’s National Theatre in London, to his performances at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. His friendship with the late Peter O’Toole reflected a commitment to the importance of work on stage that they shared.

His achievements as an actor in several of Samuel Beckett’s plays, including at the Gate in Dublin was part of a career that included performances in the work of so many of the major playwrights of his time, including Harold Pinter.

Sir Michael Gambon leaves a great body of work that will remain as a compelling legacy, and a reminder to all who appreciated his work, of all that he accomplished.”