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President Higgins welcomes Ireland’s election to the UN Security Council and congratulates all involved in Ireland’s campaign

Date: Wed 17th Jun, 2020 | 21:17

The election of Ireland to the Security Council of the United Nations for the period 2021-2022 is a cause for celebration.

The work of a dedicated team has been recognised, and I congratulate them on having brought what was a principled campaign, in a competitive environment, to both fruition and success.

The support Ireland has received vindicates the decision to run a campaign that did not avoid the issues that are urgent; a campaign that engaged with global issues, such as peace-building and peacekeeping, the elimination of global poverty, the strengthening of multilateralism, and reform of the United Nations.

The Irish campaign demonstrated an empathy with regional issues and the importance of a practical response in support of those most affected by climate change.

Having a record of independence in voting on issues, and Ireland’s consistent lead in advocating for a reduction in armaments, stood to Ireland.

Ireland was widely perceived as having an authenticity that would be delivered on these issues if elected.

Congratulations to all involved in the campaign and good luck to all striving for achievement of the principles of the United Nations Charter.

Beir Beannacht.