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Message from President Higgins for World Radio Day 2023

Date: Mon 13th Feb, 2023 | 17:59

“As President of Ireland, may I send my very best wishes to all those today marking the 13th UNESCO World Radio Day.

The theme of this year’s day, ‘Radio and Peace’, is a timely reminder of the vital role the media plays in allowing discussion that prevents the threat of violence and the special role it has at times of conflict, and the essential need for fact-based impartial information and the bringing together of different perspectives for discussion.

Radio has been a powerful positive tool in countries where communities struggle with food insecurity and poverty.  It has allowed information to be accessed and given transparency on aid.

Community radio can play a particularly important role in this regard. Peace exists in the minds of citizens, and community radio can help foster it through bringing people together to listen and speak to each other, strengthening ties and building awareness of common values.

May I wish all those radio stations engaging in this vital work, both in Ireland and across the world, every continued success.”