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Garden Parties 2017

Date: Thu 15th Jun, 2017 | 14:13

15 June 2017


Each year, President and Sabina Higgins host a series of Garden Parties, to give recognition to, and celebrate the work of, people and organisations who have been active in promoting and building citizenship and community – projects that are central to the Presidency of Michael D. Higgins.

The Garden Parties continue a tradition established by past Presidents, and over the course of 8 events, the President and Sabina will welcome over 4,000 people from all over the island of Ireland to Áras an Uachtaráin, its house and gardens. 

This year’s Garden Parties will cover a range of themes, including the Arts, sustainability, gender equality, multiculturalism and community. 

  • The first garden party, taking place on 17 June, celebrates Bloomsday;
  • The second event in the series, taking place on 20 June and entitled 'Celebrating Island Life', focuses on sustainable communities on Ireland’s many inhabited islands;
  • Then there is a Garden Party for families, on 25 June, promoting health and wellbeing for all, at all ages;
  • The 27 June Garden Party is dedicated to a celebration of the Crafts and Creative Arts;
  • Invited to the 30 June ‘Care and Solidarity in the Community’ Garden Party are carers and care workers, as well as family support groups from all over the island of Ireland;
  • The 3 July ‘Fáilte’ Garden Party celebrates Ireland’s new citizens, as well as families with inter-country adopted children;
  • The two Community Day Garden Parties, on 6 July and 8 July, celebrates people engaged in community activities and voluntary groups.