Sabina attends event for Modh Eile House, COPE Galway’s New Domestic Abuse Refuge & Service

Sat 16th Nov, 2019 | 19:30
location: (Galway) Galmont Hotel

(Galway) Galmont Hotel

Saturday, 16th November, 2019

Sabina Higgins speech at an event for Modh Eile House, COPE Galway’s New Domestic Abuse Refuge & Service

Galmont Hotel, Galway, Saturday 16th November 2019

I am delighted to have the opportunity to join  you all here this evening, for this most important event.

Cope House has, for over forty years, been reaching out a hand of friendship and support to some of Galway’s most vulnerable citizens. Tonight we stand in solidarity with those who have found themselves trapped in cruel and abusive relationships, and to their children who regularly witness brutality and aggression in their own homes.

The establishment of Modh Eile House will help to shine a light of hope into the lives of those who have been so badly affected by domestic abuse, enabling them to look to a future of promise and possibility. 
By providing safe accommodation and services, Cope House is also providing that first and most crucial step on the difficult journey away from fear and violence and back to a normal life.  At Modh Eile, victims of domestic abuse will be enabled to start living again - empowered to make decisions about their future and the future of their children and to aspire to lead the normal and fulfilling lives that many of us are fortunate to take for granted. 

I would like to congratulate Cope House on their many years of generous and committed support to those who are marginalised or isolated within the community. I thank you for the positive impact you have had on so many lives, and wish you every success as you continue to grow and extend your services to victims of domestic abuse.