President Higgins visits the A.K. Ilen

Fri 5th Oct, 2018 | 16:45
location: Limerick Docks
President Higgins visits the A.K. Ilen

President Higgins visited the A.K. Ilen, Ireland’s last surviving sail trading ship.

The ship was designed by Conor O’Brien, the first Irishman to sail around the world in a small boat, and it was built in Baltimore at the Fisheries School in 1926.

For 70 years the 80ft ketch was used as a cargo vessel in the tempestuous seas of the South Atlantic, before being brought back to Ireland in 1998. The Ilen is now the focal point for a maritime collaboration between the A.K. Ilen School for wooden boatbuilding in Limerick and Hegarty's boatyard in Old Court, near Skibbereen. 



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