President and Sabina visit Liverpool World Museum

Wed 13th Feb, 2019 | 13:15
location: (England) William Brown Street, Liverpool

(England) William Brown Street, Liverpool

Wednesday, 13th February, 2019

President and Sabina visit Liverpool World Museum

At Liverpool’s World Museum – a centre for archaeology, ethnology and the natural and physical sciences – the President and Sabina Higgins viewed all 24 panels of the Fejervary-Mayer Codex, one of only a dozen pre-Colombian Aztec books known to have survived the incineration of the Aztecs’ libraries by the Spanish Conquistadores. 

The Lexicon, which is believed to be 800-years-old, was donated to the museum during the 19thcentury and it is not known how it made its way to Europe from Latin America. It provides an almost-unique glimpse into a world and culture which were shattered by the arrival of Europeans during the early part of the 16thcentury.